Electronic Ensemble in Berlin

Alessandra Eramo – voice, tapes, electronics
Korhan Erel – synthesizer, samples
Ariel Orah – electronics
Kirsten Reese – software, objects, microphone

Founded in 2021, Böseblick (“Evil Eye”) is an ensemble of four Berlin-based musicians with very different backgrounds in terms of origins and musical influences, and the electronic instrumentation they play.

Rituals, superstition, good and evil ghosts, visions and apparitions – how do these express themselves in electronic sound?

Live at Club  Katarakt Festival - Kampnagel Hamburg 2023, photo by Jann Wilken

Blurring the line between composed and improvised playing, the Böseblick Ensemble’s music combines elements of melody and noise with fluidity and grace, articulating a reflection on contemporary issues of cultural appropriation, homeland and togetherness, and creating soundscapes beyond established traditions.

The Böseblick Ensemble for Electronic Music was supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin in 2022.

Three excerpts from the ensemble’s concert at KM28 (Berlin) can be heard on their Bandcamp site as well as ensemble member Korhan Erel’s YouTube channel.


Recording from the session for The rest is Music by Nico Daleman in Cashmere Radio

Live in BORUSAN MUSIC HOUSE, photo courtesy of the venue

Taken from gig at Sowieso (2020)

Live at Club  Katarakt Festival - Kampnagel Hamburg 2023, photo by Jann Wilken

bexcerpt live in borusan music house istanbul, video courtesy of the venue